Pond Design - Jameson Irish Whiskey "The Deconstructed Series"

"We know we had something exciting on our hands when more than one whiskey connoisseur, when asked about his own personal preferences, replied: “at the end of the day, it’s not about age. It’s all about taste. Everything else is simply a load of bull”.

So we listened.

The Deconstructed Series is a range of super-premium Irish whiskeys that explicitly liberates whiskey from the idea of old, older, oldest equals good, better, best. Instead, it explores taste.

Through deconstructing the primary flavour notes of the original Jameson Irish Whiskey and enhancing them, Jameson Bold, Jameson Lively and Jameson Round accentuate three key taste characteristics found within the family’s core expression, amplifying each flavour trait to offer three new drinking experiences."