Elmwood - Student Placement - Leeds / London


If you’re setting out on the path to a career in our industry then we could be just the place you’re looking for. Our Leeds and London studios offer regular placements from a week to a month for designers and writers. And yes, we do pay.

Step one is to get your portfolio in shape. Pick the work that you’re really proud of and reflects your personality, and think about how you can stand out from everyone else who applies (we get a fair few requests).

Step two is sending us a pdf of your work along with your CV and a covering letter. Please don’t just send us a link to your personal website – it might be easier, but whoever said getting a job in this industry was meant to be easy?

For Leeds: PlacementsLeeds@elmwood.com
For London: PlacementsLondon@elmwood.com

Step three is the boring bit: waiting. We do get a lot of requests, so please be patient. If we like what we’ve seen then we’ll find you.

Please note that we currently only consider placements for people who have finished school or college. A university course isn’t essential, but you need to be at least of that age. Don’t worry – we’ll be around for a while.