OPEN – Open for entries – 18 February 2013
DEADLINE – Entry deadline – 20 March 2013
SHORTLISTED – Shortlisted Finalists – 20 April 2013
FINAL JUDGING – Judging ­– 13-14 May 2013
BEST OF THE YEAR – Best of Year and Nominations announced – Late May 2013
WINNERS PUBLISHED – Winners work published around the world – Late May 2013

ALL STUDENTS – Students, full or part-time, of any age, studying any subject from anywhere in the world. You need to be enrolled on a recognised education college or university programme at undergrad, postgrad or Higher Education course to be eligible.

YES – Individuals and teams of up to five people can enter together. Every team member needs to be an eligible student based in the same country.

YES – you can enter with anyone who’s eligible as a student, even if they don’t study at the same college or university as you. If you want to do this, you’ll need to let us know – make sure you clearly state this on your on-line entry form. 

IMPORTANT – You will need your tutor and institutions details to support your entry. 

How do I enter?
Find out how to get started here.

How much does it cost?
The cost per entry:  
25 GBP (UK Pound)
30 EUR (European Euro)
35 USD (US Dollar)
2500 YEN (Japanese Yen)

For D&AD New Creative Members, and those on Education Network Member courses, it’s only £12. Ask your tutor to see if your course is a member.

Can I enter more than once?
You can respond to as many briefs as you like. You can also submit more than one response per brief – so you’re free to enter as many times as you have ideas.

Where are the rules?
You can download the full Terms & Conditions here.

How should I present my work?
This little animation will tell you everything you need to know.

Why can’t I include my name in my work?
To ensure that work is judged fairly, we ask that you leave your name and college off the entry.

Don't worry, you'll still get the credit – when you complete the online entry form you’ll be asked to tell us who worked on the project. And if your entry is successful, we’ll make sure the world knows who made it.

If any entries do contain entrant, college or tutor names, we will contact you and ask you to re-submit your work without these, or remove them ourselves.

The exception is Make Your Mark, which is about self-promotion – it’s fine to include your name, etc in your work for this brief.

Can I enter work I’ve done already?
No. As much as we’d like to see your work, you have to answer one of this year’s briefs

Existing work is not eligible.

Do I need to have a tutor to enter?
Yes, unless you’re a non-student entering Make Your Mark.

You’ll need to get a tutor from your college or university to register above. Then when you enter online, you can add them to your entry. 

Can I put my work up online before the results come out?
You can post your work online before the winners are announced, but if you do then you must first remove any references to the brand, brand logos, etc.

Can I get my work back after judging?
Yes. If you’ve submitted physical work as supporting material for your entry, you can request a return. To do this, with the subject line ‘Returns Request’. Include your name, the entry number and a description of the work you want returned. 

You must email this to us by Wednesday 27 March 2013. We’ll then contact you after judging to arrange collection.

Questions about your entry?
You’ll find the answers in Getting Started.

Any more questions?
Email us at

Or get in touch on Twitter: @DandAD_Talent #studentawards