PACKLAB - Peltolan Premium Blue Cheese


Solution: Previously shrink wrapped and labeled with a barcode sticker, Peltolan was a product with no brand identity in need of some help. That was nothing short of an opportunity for us to create something extraordinary from scratch. While this blue cheese had plenty of value within its quality, the new packaging and brand design built an identity for the product and positioned it as Premium Finnish Blue Cheese. The ''Slice of Finnish Nature'' was a narrative taken literally and transferred to the stackable structure that forms a birch tree – an approach which offers impressive merchandising opportunities, instantly differentiating the brand. The front of the packaging communicates natural refined wood which suggests the refinement of the cheese making process. Within the natural wood grains there are hidden illustrations details, which once discovered add to the story that consumers embrace by inviting this product to their homes. The holistic joined-up approach to product development has produced an unique premium tactile packaging experience.

Designed by PACKLAB