Frank - Lade Gaards Brygghus


Challenge: Rema 1000 is one of Norway’s largest supermarket chains. As part of their strategy to offer their customers more than just low prices Rema 1000 decided to launch their own unique, speciality beer.

Solution: The Rema 1000 company owns their own ‘ladegaard’ (manor farm) and historically ‘ladegaards’ were required by law to brew beer. The new brand was based on this story and the new ‘Ladegaard’ brand was also given a very traditional, handcrafted design. The ‘Ladegaard’s’ brand was only intended to be a small project for Rema 1000 but it quickly became the supermarket’s 2nd best selling speciality beer. The brand has proven to be so popular that it has recently been launched on the Danish market.


Design by Frank, Oslo