Svoe Mnenie - Gold mine Beer Zhivoe


An exceptional piece of work from Svoe Mnenie studios. If you take a look at their website you will see a whole host of great work from them which I am sure the WPDS will be posting at some stage. Credit where credit is due - congrats to the Svoe Mnenie team. 

Gold mine Beer Zhivoe - PET glass of beer 

Gold mine Beer Zhivoe is the first premium “live” beer in Russia. To emphasize it we wanted to communicate the idea of a fresh beer on tap and the atmosphere of a bar. That’s how an image of a glass-shaped PET was created. The idea itself is probably simple in designing but difficult in implementing especially given that it didn’t quite fit the client’s brief. But in the context of dark marketing where beer category operates it gets more and more complicated to transmit the brand’s message and to win consumer’s attention – Gold mine Beer Zhivoe provided a great opportunity for innovation which we couldn't ignore! 

So the client not just bought the idea but fell deeply in love with it. As a result of close cooperative work there was born a new 1.5 l PET glass of beer. We are proud of the design that saw the light not as a special edition or a limited edition but as a mass-market product!


Designed by Svoe Mnenie, Moscow