Duffy & Partners - Bacardi: The Facundo Collection

Duffy & Partners designed this beautifully carved wood-box inspired by the Bacardi company's 150 years of rum-making. Each bottle from the collection celebrates the Bacardi family’s heritage and the golden era in Havana.

"Bacardi is a family and a company. Perhaps, in name, it’s interchangeable with the word rum. Success courses through the veins of all things Bacardi. Founded over 150 years ago, by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, was a company with the vision to reinvent rum for the world. Five generations later, the idea was born to pay tribute to the original vision by creating a small collection of finely crafted rums—the likes of which, until then, had only been shared with family and close friends. The design of The Facundo Collection honors Bacardi’s exquisite taste in rum and their history of celebrating the finest art and architecture. Four uniquely designed decanter-like presentations, inspired by Cuba’s golden age of art deco, set a new bar for defining the 'the art of rum'."