OTVETDESIGN - Hunger? Passed!

This on-the-go packaging for sandwiches was designed by Russian agency OTVETDESIGN. The packaging includes cut-outs denoting the variety meat per each sandwich, to include chicken, pork, and fish. The on-the-go concept is reinforced by the use of city maps on pack, always reminding the consumer to eat while being busy.

"Sandwiches are an ideal food for travelling. It does not really matter what kind of travelling it is: going from home to University; one-day trip to Vyborg or journey around Karelia… When moving from one point to another you sooner or later will feel hunger. And the desire to satisfy it. Extending the route in this sense leads only to the increase in the number of snacks. A good thing is that now with the advent of a new brand of sandwiches the issue can be 'taken off the table' easily and yummy."

Designed by OTVETDESIGN.