Honey Creative - Honey's Christmas Mead

It's the festive season again - and in keeping with our Christmas tradition we wanted to send our clients a honey inspired gift they would appreciate and enjoy for its own sake - rather than being overly self promotional. 

This year we decided to design our own small batch of Christmas mead - a fabulous honey wine produced using mulling spices for an extra festive flavour. 

Taking our address as a starting point we developed the stand-alone drinks company - "Blackstock Mews", with the strapline "Inspirational Wines and Spirits". 

"The branding and packaging combines signifiers of the mews (gates, railings, keyhole, flora), Christmas (stars and snowflakes) and Honey (bees and hive). We've even included our friendly neighborhood false widow spider! On top of that, each bottle had a unique neck label - numbered 1-60 for a bespoke personal touch."

Designed by Honey Creative

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