BBDO - Staropramen Lager

This limited edition Lager designed by BBDO celebrates Prague and the famous Carl's bridge. Staropramen Lager was introduced to a limited market in Ukraine and Russia. 

"The Task
In Ukraine, regardless of the neighbor aggression, SunInBev asked us to make a special edition of Staropramen can design. Staropramen is the brand that keeps Prague in it’s heart. 

The Limited Edition of Staropramen cans was introduced to Ukraine & Russia in 2014. We needed an idea that reflects Prague’s legends. 

The Idea 
Cans are perfect building material. Everybody knows you can build a lot using cans only. We decided to build the famous symbol of Prague - Carl’s bridge. Every can is a piece of bridge. 

The Results 
The client is planning to launch Bridge edition in UK, Sweden and 4 other European countries."

Designed by: BBDO