DRINKSOLOGY® - CleverMan Irish Ales

“If you are not attracted to an 'a tractor' beer named in honor of Henry Ferguson's tractor, you may enjoy a little wet refreshment from the '12ft Under' amber ale, named after the the first modern submarine that dove to a depth of just 12ft.. notably because the periscope was only 12ft in length. The lighter tasting 'Little Willie Tank' American Pale ale will likely be the driving force in sales terms and is complimented by the more acquired unusually potent 'Ejector Seat' turf smoked stout.“


The color palette used for each of the four products is harmonious and each element of the label is well constructed, relevant and bound under a solid and interesting concept. It is also worth remembering one of the Drinksology’s challenges on this project: “With a budget that matched the micro scale of production it was paramount that the label creative drove a marketing direction that in itself is cost effective to roll out.”

Drinksology’s design boldly appropriates national creativeness and mixes it with a well balanced blend of typographical old and new, iconic illustrations and clever copy to develop a sense of heritage between the newborn brand and the national inventiveness. 

Designed by DRINKSOLOGY®