Marine Bacot - Nom d'un chien (Concept)

"In France, poop bags packagings are very few on the market, and these ones aren’t interesting, graphically speaking. So I chose to make 3 kinds of rechargeable boxes, which both contain 15 bags and can easily fit in a jacket pocket. They are playful and discreet, practical to have several bags on yourself in just one box. "

"The boxes suited for any type of dog because there are 3 kinds of boxes, then 3 different sizes: for small, medium and big dogs. 
The boxes fronts show dogs faces, and the back shows the behind of these same dogs. "

"The goal was to give a playful and ludic aspect to something that looks like disgusting for many people, and many dog owner. So, you just have to pull the star-shaped label, and then pull the biodegradable poop bags. "

Designed by Marine Bacot