my:creative - Stew'N'Drew's Luxury Ice Cream

The cylintrical cartons mimic waffle cone stamped with a satuation of color according to the flavor. The overall design brings out the carefree wonders of being a child once again, and enjoying an icecream cone by the beach without a care in the world. 

"We teamed up with Stew & Drew to create a friendly and engaging brand that communicated their passion for quality ice cream. This was summed up by their now adopted motif, a classic ice cream bike, but with 2 seats! This reflected the partners friendship and sense of fun."

"Throughout the packaging we wanted to capture the nostalgia attached with ice cream, as well as creating luxury feel with a sense of humor. We illustrated the body of the containers with a wafer effect and off set this with bold colours and a strong brand presence." 

"The identity & packaging was an immediate hit with retailers and customers, causing Stew & Drew to spend a few late nights tasting and producing extra supplies of Ice Cream to meet demand."

Designed by my:creative