Nelly Todorova - Dr. Livingstone's Gin

"THE BRIEF: Design a Gin bottle reflecting on a particular location in Scotland.

IDEA: Livingstone’s Blantyre Original Gin is a spirit designed to honour Dr. David Livingstone, a Scottish Missionary and his main goal - to free the African citizens from slavery while on his travels through the interiors of Africa. 

Dr. David Livingstone is a Scottish congregationalist, medical missionary, explorer of Africa, anti-slavery crusader. His fame as an exporer helped drive forward the obsession with discovering the sourc- es of River Nile. Livingstone was one of the greatest explorers of Africa, whose opening up the interior of the continent contributed to the “Scramble for Africa”. David Livingstone’s mission was to reach new people in the interior of Africa and freeing them from slavery. "

"Explorer, Traveler, Adventurer: In the official role of a “medical missionary,” he set forth to Africa, arriving in Cape Town, South Africa in March of 1841. Livingstone eventually made his way north and set out to trek across the Kalahari Desert. In 1849, he came upon Lake Ngami and, in 1851, the Zambezi River. Over the years, Livingstone continued his explorations, reaching the western coastal region of Luanda in 1853. In 1855, he came across another famous body of water, the Zambezi falls, called by native populations “Smoke That Thunders” and which Livingstone renamed Victoria Falls, after Queen Victoria. 

Purpose: Anti-Slavery: Other than honouring an important historical figure, Livingstone’s Blantyre Original Gin is part of the cause for anti-slavery. It is part of various supporting organizations and charities against slavery. "

"Reason for Style:

Born on 19 March 1813 and died on 1 May 1873, David Livingstone lived in the Victorian era. “Perhaps one of the most popular national heroes of the late 19th century in Victorian Britain”. Gin bottle designed in Victorian style to reflect the period Livingstone has lived in."

Designed by Nelly Todorova

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