Warsteiner Art Collection

''Honoring and maintaining traditions are key values of the Warsteiner narrative – from its centuries-old commitment to brewing excellence to the relatively young interplay between WARSTEINER and the art world.

The launch of this creative connection took place more than 30 years ago, when Andy Warhol immortalized our iconic Warsteiner tulip glass with his famous silkscreens. Since then, the brand has been continuously supporting exciting art projects.

In 2013, WARSTEINER started a new initiative called the Art Collection, whereby the bottle becomes the canvas. Six international artists – between gallery and street art – focused on the Warsteiner alu bottle: Stefan Strumbel (DE), 123Klan (FR), INSA (UK), Aaron De La Cruz (US), Nychos (AT) and Brooke Reidt (US).

The result – a series of six limited edition bottles – was available in select markets in Germany in the early fall. And since a picture is worth 1000 words, you don’t need to know German to check out these great designs on our German website''. via warsteiner