"At Simei, Nuceria group will present the project “Labels to drink with eyes”, dedicated to the wine world and made in collaboration with the Nju: communication agency of Eboli. “The initial concept was simple: for us a label is not just a piece of paper, it is an added value, a unique sign of identification. And Nuceria has the necessary creative drive to realize perfect labels", explains Mario Cavallaro, creative director of Nju: communication.
Thus, "Labels to drink with eyes" was born: a project that draws inspiration from the famous creations of Fortunato Depero, one of the most famous advertising artists of the twentieth century, and creates a contemporary graphic synthesis, a solid synthesis with typical dynamic colors that recall the three-dimensionality and the volumetric games of the Italian artist.

Seven original labels for 7 Italian wines that cover the whole country from North to South. From the Franciacorta streets to the Salento magical lands, seven labels arise, seven projects, seven bottles, each one representing the perfect synthesis of the group's values: innovation, passion, rhythm, creativity, transparency, sustainability and tradition.

All labels have been realized with the most special printing techniques and with innovative and trendy materials, made by Avery Dennison and Fedrigoni and decorated by Luxoro.

Papavero (Poppy), has been made with a 100% green paper obtained from the waste derived by the sugarcane combustion process, while Bisanzio (Byzantium) –  thanks to a very special film – gives the bottle a unique “no label look”. Black and white, the two antipodes, are represented by the Biancolella extra-white label and the Franciacorta Saten black one. Creativity is unleashed in the precious Morellino label, thanks to the use of different foils and glossy paints, while innovation is literally “worn” by the eighteenth century character of Baroque. In the end, there is Dammi il tuo amore (Give me your love), a label that represents “the key” of Nuceria success: passion. “Because the art of printing is like to make wine: the best technologies help, but the most important thing is the heart, because a great bottle sprouts only from the heart. And on a great bottle there is always a great label”, says Guido Iannone, Managing Director of the group."

Designed by Nuceria Group

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