DEZA - Abundance pipe

"Task: To create the conception of the day of Metallurgist gift set for TMK company. The gift should recall of the company on the professional holiday, and also be functional, so that people use it with pleasure more than once."

"Solution: Those who work hard need to eat well. What can be tastier and richer, than a slice of well-roasted steak? Or with blood, as you wish. It’s easy to make feast outdoors with the “Abundance pipe” set. Everything you need for BBQ is placed into the compact tube, which is comfortable to carry behind the back or in the car’s trunk. The shuber worn on the tube is made in style of birch bark, and it is perfect for ignition.

The “Abundance pipe” contains not only instruments for cooking meet, but also the grill for those who like roasting sausages. And the special uniform of the BBQ master – the apron and the glove – will help you not to get dirty or burned."