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"Rit DyeMore is an advanced new range of textile dyes from craft supplier, Rit. Sitting alongside the brand's core range, Rit DyeMore is an innovative new product that has the ability to dye both synthetic fabrics and cotton. In expanding their portfolio, Rit saw an opportunity to give the brand a more contemporary edge, attracting a new generation of creative entrepreneurs and serious crafters.

The vibrant new design is an exuberant celebration of colour that aims to elevate the crafting experience to a professional level. The centred droplet draws the eye and acts as a holding shape for variant information. The layered shades on the pack speak to the flexibility of the product and convey the myriad of shades that can be created. The use of metallic ink and both glossy and matte finishes communicates how this innovative product can dye various materials."

"The result is a range that creates a rainbow on shelf, grabbing attention and conveying the endless creative possibilities."

Designed by bluemarlin

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