Studio Parr - High Weald Brewery

"The High Weald Brewery asked design agency Studio Parr to re-imagine their brand to convey its personality and make it stand out from the crowd.

The new branding and packaging takes inspiration from Anglo-Saxon folklore of the High Weald, an ancient landscape in Sussex rich in history and famous for its Iron Industry. Giving each product its own distinct character and story to tell, all beautifully hand-drawn. 

This was something that resonated with the brewer who strives to make beers that honour traditional brewing methods whilst giving them a creative, progressive twist.

" The High Weald Brewery was a brilliant creative opportunity for Studio Parr, from start to finish. Immediately inspired by the brewery location and encouraged by the sheer passion & skill of Andy the brewer to create a truly unique Craft beer brand." Will Parr, Creative Director"

Designed by Studio Parr