Hills Design - The Stencil Studio

"Already well established online, the company approached Hills Design to help achieve the best possible impact in-store, through a re-design of their packaging. Following initial conversations with the team at Stencil Studio, it became clear that in order to truly raise the profile of the business and to help the new packaging stand out on shelf, there was also a need to refine the existing logo. 

Setting out to create an identity which would resonate far more with their product, we utilised a quirky, artisan font and reversed out part of the name to resemble the outline of a stencil. Taking this theme even further, we took the 'S' in both words and mirrored it on either side of the packs in order to create a striking and recognisable design throughout."

"We wanted to keep a natural, craft like feel, using neutral colours and uncoated materials. Working closely with their team, we also arrived at a unique way of showcasing the stencils themselves within each packet, adding to the overall impact on shelf. 

Due to the number and variety of stencils that would be produced, the design also gives space for two, separately applied, colour labels. This not only brings a splash of colour to the packaging, but also means the packaging can be printed in a more cost effective way. 

The new branding and packaging is initially being rolled out across two size formats; A5 and A4, alongside a new website. We certainly think the stencils will make a splash on the high street."

Designed by Hills Design

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