Twopots Design Studio - M32 Natural

"M32 Natural is a very young company, specifically its birth was in January 2015.

M32 is characterized by using totally natural products, most of them coming from the organic farming. It is a company totally committed to the environment, but as a young business and entrepreneurial does not want to fall into the classic design of the “eco”. We opt for fashion, the current design, because natural things and design do not have to be mutually exclusive."

"This collection in particular bears the name of Just Breathe, since the products are scented with very relaxing vanilla aroma to create a Spa experience to the consumer. The other ingredients are the Argan Oil and Cinnamon. From the mixture of these two ingredients and the vanilla arose the idea of the “stain” on the label, an ochre orange that reminds us also of a sun that transports us to open air and gives us the energy we need every day.

We chose simple containers as they are low polluting, and this way we can continue with the philosophy of the company of respecting the environment and helping it be sustainable."