Daria Ksenofontova - Pure - Chocolate For Couples

"When you buy a chocolate for yourself you should pick one for... a significant other. When you are in love you like to share everything with your other half.
But we all are so different! Especially in food preferences. I would like to create a chocolate which will be oriented not only for men or women, but for couples. My idea is that each flavor matches both girls' or boys' traits of character, and it is reflected in naming and typography. Curly scripts and bright colors appeal to women. Bold fonts and base colors are for men.
You can choose flavors you like both and then eat the lovely chocolate together.  
What is your type of man? What type of girl do you prefer? Or probably, you are just friends for now? Go ahead, change it – buy a pair of chocolates and become a real couple.
Share your pleasure of eating chocolate and be sure you'll get your other half ."

Designed by Daria Fox