PROUDdesign - Give a shit horse manure

"'Give a Shit' is a new horse manure-brand concept developed by Proud Design. Set up to support the Hollandsche Manege at the Overtoom in Amsterdam. This unique town riding is over 130 years old and must be retained. To generate greater awareness and additional revenue we created the brand 'give a shit. "The widely available horse manure is processed into manure yard and then packed in pouches portable. Ideal for urban gardening in the busy city. So keep people in touch with nature and remains the stables.

When there is enough interest in the project can be put into production. We provide 3 different package sizes, depending on the size of the garden: "give a little shit" (0.5kg), "give some shit '(1 kg) and' give a big shit '(2.5 kg). Of course in a beautiful package. But the best is still to something worthless to create something valuable."

Designed by PROUDdesign