Koolbrand - Atilano Anllo

"The Galician tradition retro touch

A new branding project in which we returned to the Galician origins, Galician's pig culture. A challenge in which the entire team joined forces with the idea of eeping the developing tradition of all Atilano Anllo's products, while bringing in to the XXI century.

Thanks to a retro style, all thework resulted in a renewed image and packaging, which allowed us to enhance the family nature of the company's meats."

"To achieve our goal we based ourselves on resources such as color, typography, and a creative concept of the animal's hoof double interpretation. A small image located on it's own logo, crown-wise raises the perception of product brand and the packaging used as a design pattern, resulting in a pig's hoof image.

Now we fully know who has a good product for the Christmas' ham!"

Designed by Koolbrand