Aurélie Sabatier - Hekatè

"Hekatè Your Own Beauty
Have you ever dreamed of finding your ideal face cream? Hekatè is ready to listen to your needs and give you the chance to create your own face cream. We believe that everyone is unique and each person should have their own personalized face cream. We have found a way to give you the chance to create a personalized cream with ingredients of natural origin and dermatologically tested."

"The idea
Think about a cream as a mix of actives and extracts. Each active and each extract have a specific effect on your skin. In allowing you to create your personalized face cream, we let you choose the ingredients of your beauty. Through the Hekatè online platform you will be able to create your own professional formulation. You will be guided through the process of creating
your own cream by indicating your skin’s characteristics and issues. With our experience, we will assist you in choosing the right actives, extracts and fragrance. In few minutes, you will have created your own beauty cream.  With Hekatè, you will be able to choose all the essential ingredients in a cream. Taking care of your own beauty has never been so natural! "

The Hekatè team extended the quest for perfection from the cream to the packaging itself. We made sure that it is as green as the ingredients. We searched different materials that are environmental friendly andrecyclable. A lot of 3D solutions and prototypes had been realized to reach an easy handling and ergonomically pleasing design. Everyone is unique, everyone deserves is own face cream. Every jar will be laser curved with the customer name.
The product innovation stays in his originality from a sustainable point of view. We decided to create an external reusable packaging in mahogany wood. The internal packaging is a cartridge made from aluminum that grants the lowest carbon footprint and is recyclable whilst guaranteeing the safety of the product and ensuring the least amount of waste. In fact, the customer has only to plug in the cartridge into the wooden jar received at the first order and plug it out once finished and obviously reiterate it endlessly. "

"The development
Dealing with natural ingredients is not easy but we wanted to give you a cream without silicones and parabens. Our creams are made with ingredients of natural origin to allow you to take care of your beauty in a natural way. Our ingredients: Our starting offer covers the three vital effects that caters to your needs: anti-age, moisturizer and anti acne. We choose our ingredients knowing their proven track record of being the most effective in the industry.
During the next months we will enlarge our offer with more actives and extracts. Our expertise: Given the actives, the extracts and the fragrance you choose, we will elaborate the composition in order to create the right formulation for you. Our creams have been tested to give you effective results alongside the best sensorial experience."

"We started elaborating on the process of ingredient selection to create the perfect face cream. After the R&D process that lasted 12 months we tested our creams to assure the best quality and to fulfill our commitment to extensive dermatological testing. We ran an exhaustive number of sensorial tests to provide you with the best experience using your cream. We developed the Hekatè platform to be user friendly and easy to understand for people who are not used to choosing the ingredients of their creams. The platform is designed to provide
you with the right information at the right time in order to give you the chance to choose what your skin needs. "

Designer Aurélie Sabatier ,Product Support at Kickstarter