Creative Order - Coffee Bird

"Omar & the Marvellous Coffee Bird are custodians of fine coffee. A boutique coffee roaster in Melbourne’s south-east, their focus is simply to get people excited about coffee. Quality without compromise is their promise and method. After utilising Creative Order to build their new brand and online image, they required a sophisticated packaging solution for their high-grade single origin, that could be hand-filled and sealed at the point of sale. With less than a kilo on offer of some of the higher-grade beans, the package also needed a simple label solution. The paper tube was the clear choice; with ease of use, recyclability and cost effectiveness being its winning features. The external design features matte black surfaces which contrast with copper foils to give a sophisticated feel. Great consideration was also given to the customer’s tactile experience while opening the package: the silky feel of the outer tube, the simple twist to separate the seal, the tube dividing at the exact half-way point, the unveiling of the inner illustration as the two tubes slide apart, and then the coffee aroma as the ultimate reward.

Get your hands on the new single origin range, and check out the new Coffee Bird website."

Designed by Creative Order

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