OD - Deac The art of tea

"CollectionTea-idea: Deac couldn’t get enough of OD the first time around. We are happy to repost that they have asked us back for a second tea project. This time, for a tea assortment that is geared toward a more high-end market. Once again, aimed at the hospitality industry. There was a collective idea. An idea to communicate two beliefs: first, the world of tea and tea-drinking is highly colourful; second, enjoying a lovely cup of tea should not entail having to fuss with a wet tea bag. Now you’re getting it; why we at OD were so excited to take on this project. 

Art : The tea experience is obviously different depending on the location. At home or outside the home. Next to the tea, people want the experience to be worthwhile. To appreciate the brand, identify with the design concept. On that note, we give you ‘The Art of Tea Collection”. Inspired by the art of painting, OD has created a rich tea world that everyone will want to experience again and again. The assortment comes in large boxes holding unique and individually packaged tea bags. We created the concept, along with the physical packaging and the graphic design."

"Innovation : The single tea bags are stand-alone works of art. Packaging, drip tray and disposable wrapper in one! Unique and innovative. Tea bags like this have never been seen or produced anywhere else in the world."

"Palette tea tray: Okay, so the boxes and tea bags were sorted. But then we took it one step further. Gave our concept a total look. We designed a special serving tray that looks like a painter’s palette. Single bags of tea are placed on the palette and then served to the customer. Sure, the tea itself is high quality, but serving it this way gives the customer the added experience. A true ‘tea moment’.

Art of tea: OD created a total packaging for Deac’s ‘The Art of Tea Collection”: all the illustrations, colours and layout. Art was truly the basis for our creation. The large boxes are 6-sided and can be efficiently stacked and presented in the café, restaurant or bar. This is what we call a great example of how to successfully, uniquely brand and package.Art or not."

Designed by OD

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