Rebeca Gliosci - AUREA FLORA

""Nature's flora has always captivated artists. Perhaps the best example of such fascination is Monet: from an obsession with botany he designed his very own Eden. In turn, the painter's beloved gardens at Giverny, France, inspired him to produce one of the most iconic works in art history – the Water Lilies series. "Aside from painting and gardening I'm good for nothing", he once said. Being a lifelong admirer of Monet, I wanted to create a makeup collection that appealed to art lovers and flower lovers who like getting creative with beauty."

"Aurea Flora aims to evoke the Divine Proportion (Proporção Áurea, in Portuguese) with its name and the delicate curves on the logo's "F", and to channel the unique green of window shutters and Japanese bridges of Monet's gardens through the packaging's dominant hue. Floral patterns were made mixing and editing photos of flowers to achieve an impressionist aesthetic. The collection is comprised of a set of colorful eye pencils, face and body paints, chromatic flowers (eyeshadows), lip glosses and lip paints that could be mixed to create new colors."

Designed by Rebeca Gliosci

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