Grant Gunderson - Joffrey's Coffee

"Joffrey's is a small craft tampa coffee company. They offer almost over 100 types of coffees and teas. When they became the coffee provider for Disney they thought it was time for a brand refresh. We decided for go for a light hearted, whimsical, and colorful approach with the brand. I created the package designs and the label templates, then i started looking for some tallented illustrators to create the characters and personalities of every single label to represent the flavor profile. In this process I was able to work with some of my favorite artist and some of the best illustrators in the world. They put a ton of work into the characters and I feel we made some great work and some great friendships out of it."

"Artist: Charlie Davis - London, Menze Kwint - Netherlands, Steve Simpson - Ireland, Gwen Keraval - France , Christian Turdera - Argentina, Christian Kunze - US, Thomas Burns - US"

Designed by Grant Gunderson