Studija CREATA - Lithuanian Vodka Gold - Diamond Edition

Lithuania has a rich national heritage. Expressing respect for traditions and rendering them in a modern manner, Lithuanian Vodka is continuing its series of limited edition vodka dedicated to this theme. This time as an inspiration served unique pieces of Lithuanian folk art – straw gardens – pieces of straw are strung together to form diamond-shaped spatial compositions which symbolize the order of the universe. According to ritual custom, straw gardens were used to decorate the home during life's most important moments – for weddings, births, or on Christmas Eve – as a token of harmony. 

"In creating the design for this exclusive, special-occasion Lithuanian Vodka, we looked to contemporary expression and opportunities in modern decor. Spatial structures turned into a rhythm of intersecting lines. The play of light and reflections in the overlapping silver and white rhombi recreated an intangible spatial effect. Tradition of times past began to sparkle like a diamond."

Designed by Studija CREATA

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