Peter Kortleve - Monsieur Bojangles

"Monsieur Bojangles was ready to take a next step and asked if I would design the layout of a matchbox-inspired package for his bracelets, something extra - call it: a nifty collector's item - for his customers. Using the slogan 'Inspired by life outdoors', owner Roy van Creij wanted to give the package a sturdy look by having an illustration of a lumberjack on the cover."

"That was my starting point for the sleeve that had to radiate quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. Next to the lumberjack and some of the typography I also drew the characteristic D-shackle of the bracelets for the back side, which tells the story about the brand and the product. All in all a fun assignment with a cool end result, a very enthusiastic client and some lucky customers. Nice to know these were present at the Dutch Design Week in October 2014."

Designed by Peter Kortleve