Sofia Karioti - PHAOS NUTRIENT SUPERFOODS (student project)

" Designed the concept, identity, packaging  and advertising campaign for Phaos, company that provides Nutrient Superfoods and can be found in pharmacies and selected  biological food stores.
Phaos (noun,ancient greek) synonym: 1.light  2. as a metaphor for delight, deliverance, happiness etc.

Product line 1. Superfood products  in their original dried form, in beverages and combined with chocolates
(a) raw goji berries, flaxseed, dried blueberries and apricot kernels
(b) 3 flavors of superfood teas
(c) organic chocolate  combined with superfoods  (d) raw cocoa beans.

Product line 2. Parapharmaceutical products  
(a) superfoods in form of capsules, (b) food supplements and (c) superfoods in form of pastilles. "

Designed by Sofia Karioti