JDO’s - Dove Advanced Hair Series

"Following the success of the ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series’ launch in the US and UK last year, JDO Brand Design & Innovation has continued its partnership with the Dove hair team, this time to design the packaging for a new product and extension to the core range portfolio.

New ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series’ was launched as a premium tier of products sitting above the core Dove hair care range and consists of a technically superior portfolio of products which, when married with Dove’s care, provides tailored treatments for specific hair need states. The collection contains advanced weightless moisture formulas that combine luxurious ingredients, top end fragrances and beautiful packaging"

"The new sub range in the portfolio has been specifically designed for curly, textured hair. Named Quench Absolute it effectively nourishes naturally dry, coarse and curly hair to leave it smooth, strong and manageable.

This is the most nourishing range from Dove Advanced Hair Series to date. JDO reflected this by developing a rich bronze colour to capture and define the range.  The active ingredients work by nourishing hair from the inside out.  JDO developed a range icon – an oil droplet encapsulated in a defined curl, to represent this."

"Ray Smith, creative director at JDO said, “The new Dove Quench range has to work with and stand out amongst the other Dove Advanced Hair Series tier of products as well as having its own personality.  The rich metallic bronze is a metaphor for the rich, dark curls that the products enhance and is used throughout the range and on all formats.”

Pragati Ruia, Dove global brand manager added, “We wanted to launch a mission to change the way that women and girls feel about their curly hair.  Only four out of ten little girls with curly hair think their hair is beautiful but are much more likely to love their curls if people around them do.”

The range consists of shampoo, conditioner, an intense restoration mask and a supreme creme serum."

Designed by JDO'S