Yang Ripol Design Studio - Trunk Show Z Haircare

"Trunk Show Z is a new brand of hair products from Z Yun, the exclusive hair designer who has championed a revolution in style. Her extraordinary skill allows her to bring out the natural beauty of the hair without relying on artificial enhancements such as perms and colouring. She values essence and simplicity and we aimed to design a range of products to reflect this.

Trunk Shows used to be popular among the elite, who gathered in secretive locations in order to see the latest fashion items displayed to them.
The trunk show has connotations of precious merchandise being transported and displayed, and we found inspiration on the metal and leather details from classic trunks, which we applied to the subdued and essential branding.

The design differentiates the three product lines, Intensive Care in black, Styling and Standard in white, and Repair Treatment in blue"

Designed by  Yang Ripol Design Studio