Casa Rex - CbyB: Chocolates By Brigaderia

"Casa Rex, the multi-awarded international design consultancy with offices in São Paulo and London, has developed the visual identity and packaging for CbyB, the first range of chocolates by Brigaderia, the Brazilian confectionary boutique specialising in brigadeiro sweets." 

"The visual identity was built through the mix of contrasting visual elements - black and white vintage style engravings combined with simple yet bold and vibrantly coloured illustrations - which at first might not seem like a good fit, but when combined bring out not just the brand's witty personality, but most importantly, evoke what eating chocolate is all about.

Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex and designer of the project says 'The choice to eat chocolate is not a rational one, we don't pick a specific flavour based on logic, a more emotional experience takes place - each different chocolate can arouse a different feeling, and just the thought of them is enough to set off the imagination in some of us. This is what our identity sought to portray'." 

"Be it an antique vase with vibrant yellow flowers, an old time pool player ready to hit a lime green ball, or an old hot air balloon floating up through pink clouds, these contrasting visual elements playfully come together to suggest sound and movement in a series of visual story lines paired with each different flavour and chocolate format. No one pack will ever be quite like the other, allowing the product line to always present a new pleasant surprise. 

Comprised of chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, and dragées, the CbyB product line launched in March 2015, and is available in all of Brigaderia's stores across Brazil."

Designed by Casa Rex