Designer and Gentleman - Okami Matcha

"The brief was to create edgy modern and interesting packaging design for 100% fine ground powdered high quality Matcha tea. This matcha comes from its original region- Japan where the best matcha in the world is grown. Okami means wolf in Japanese, so we created a brand identity with a stylized wolf icon. The main challenge was to combine traditional Japanese spirit and contemporary graphic language. Our focus was on the message: ”ONE GLASS OF MATCHA IS EQUIVALENT TO TEN GLASSES OF REGULAR GREEN TEA". 

What makes this product unique is that it comes as a powder so the product can be used in a variety of ways. Its health benefits are amazing. So get Okami matcha and be creative: make tea, cakes, smoothies, cocktails… 

Since Okami Matcha is apremium quality product, we believe prospect as a commercially viable coffee replacement."