J. Stadler Studio - Defiance Cans

"J. Stadler Studio had the privilege to create the branding and can art for Defiance Brewing Co. and the pleasure to drink their beers. 

Defiance Brewing Co. is all about Ambitious Beer. The brewers champion that statement and infuse it into every single beer they craft. The can art communicates the ambitious personalities of each beer."

The brewery’s first beer proudly brewed in Hays, Kansas, the Thrasher canpays homage to the Defiance heritage. Small town crafted and a big flavored beer, the label depicts ambitious beginnings where even the sky isn’t a limit. 

An American twist on the mild English ale, theGutch can celebrates the commonalities unique to England and America through language, rock and roll, and beloved icons like the suave spy and the rugged cowboy. It’s a toast to all who believe in following a dream. 

Willy Nilly 
Easy going, easy drinking and an easy choice this golden ale is seriously, silly good. What does beer and ambition have in common? They should both be enjoyed. The Willy Nilly can is a reminder to get in touch with your silly side.

Designed by  J. Stadler Studio