Lazy snail - Baking Stories

"Family business Tsatsakis, based in Heraklion Crete, produces since 1998 preservative-free baked goods with only the purest ingredients and olive oil. Increasing demand for Cretan products worldwide encouraged the company to produce a new baked goods range for foreign markets. The range includes breadsticks, cookies, crisps and croutons.

The brand positioning of the new range is built around the idea of a mental journey to Greece through aromas and flavors. Different "stories" of Greece are being told by a variety of recipes based on typically Greek ingredients: tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, thyme honey, Chios Mastic. The name "baking stories" came as a natural outcome of this positioning. For the packaging, we followed the same logic of "Greek moments": Greek coffee with a cookie, ouzo with "meze". Our visual language is innocent, nostalgic and colorful, connoting the purity of ingredients and the variety of flavors."

Designed by Lazy snail