Peter Gibbons - Tg Green Tea Pouches

"The Brand
Tg Green Teas are a new brand of green teas inspired by ancient Chinese ingredients and knowledge. The hot tea range was created to bring consumers the benefits of quality green tea through healthy and accessible products. Naturally flavoured with other traditional Chinese ingredients, Tg Green Teas promote inner resilience and outer vitality."

"Audience: Urban adult tea drinkers looking for healthy refreshment that also delivers on taste. 

The Brief: Design a disruptive but engaging identity and packaging range that communicates the brand proposition: - Naturally uplifting vitality - A contemporary interpretation of Chinese heritage - Better for you, but not too ‘worthy’ - A friendly expert on authentic Chinese green tea and ingredients.

And the product characteristics: - Premium and different - Flavour and refreshment - Delivery (pyramid bags) - Back of pack brewing instructions

Mandatories: - Develop existing basic ‘Tg’ trademark - Use resealable pouch format."

"The Design Solution 
- The ‘Tg’ trademark was re-drawn in a bamboo brush style and incorporated into a dynamic kite to create a brand device that symbolises 'naturally uplifting vitality' and Chinese heritage. 
- The kite tail is used as a flexible device to add dynamism to the packs, to function as variant colour differentiation and to help integrate the product and ingredient illustrations into the pack design. 
- Vibrant variant colours were chosen to convey intensity of flavour. 
- Brush illustration style and hand-rendered typography communicate an authentic and friendly tone of voice. 
- Info-graphics are used on the back of pack illustrate the brewing instructions."

"What's Unique? 
Unique packaging format for (green) teas in the UK: a non-transparent resealable pouch that went one step better than Twinings' recent launch of its resealable pouches. The pouch's opacity has been used to help communicate a benefit derived from a key product/consumer insight i.e. green tea needs to be kept away from light to preserve its taste and freshness AND consumers appreciate brands that deliver fresh product. Since our brand is focused on delivering an authentic H&W green tea experience, we rolled out a non-transparent resealable pouch."

Designed by Peter Gibbons