M&A Creative Communication Agency - Douro DOC wine

"Alfeu is the grandfather of our memories, a man of the countryside, hands wrinkled by the harshness of life and a passionate look for land. Traditional and with high values Mr. Alfeu passed to his descendants the importance of plant and love the soil.

João Amado is the grandson that follow the footsteps of his grandfather and revives his memory, giving him the deserved tribute, in the wines it produces. “I was born in an environment of which I’m part of and by which I am spellbound. Thanks to my grandfather Alfeu, the vineyard came to be part of my life very naturally. With strength and dedication I’m satisfied to fill this bottle with the wine that reflects the passion by an unmatched terroir, in which my life built such a special connection.” "

"After developing the branding for Amado Wines,  M&A Creative Communication Agency was also responsible for the label design for Alfeu range of Douro wines.

The label design is inspired by a distinctive element, the hat which Mr. Alfeu was inseparable and that made him unique. The hat shape is used not as  decorative element but as an integral element of the lettering. Graphically the label is distinguished by the original combination of the typography developed specifically for this label."

"The hat form appears integrated in lettring, functioning as the letter U. Giving more prominence to the typographic work of the label, the ALFEU name is printed, and after that is apply varnish in order to give relief and highlight the label, making it an attractive, distinct and different from that get used in wines Douro."

"The Alfeu range has two wines, Alfeu Red and White. The graphic changes on either occur in terms of color, at label and collar of the bottle.

The end result transmits a contemporary image of the label as well as the wine itself, representing the personality of João Amado, who today is ahead of Alfeu project and Amado Wines brand."