Bulletproof - Blind Pig

"Brief in brief:
Create the brand identity, packaging (graphics and structure), glassware and visual identity system for Blind Pig, a new cider brand aimed at young digital natives who “don’t follow the crowd”. Inspired by the1920s American speakeasies, this exciting cider innovation comes in three flavours: Bourbon and Blueberry; Whisky, Honey and Apple; and Rum and Poached Pear."

"Our thinking and doing:
We wanted to push the boundaries of conventional cider occasions, bringing something bold, exciting and challenging to consumers. The design inspiration and brand name is rooted in the speakeasies of 1920s America, otherwise known as ‘blind pigs’, with the logo featuring a severed pig’s head.Through the design, consumers will be transported back to this era, with the branding, packaging and visual identity system inviting you to uncover the world of Blind Pig cider, resting in rustic wooden crates, wrapped in newspaper and talkin’ to consumers with a quirky, wise cracking tone of voice to match. For the chosen few – at privileged whereabouts – Blind Pig will wet your whistle."


Designed by Bulletproof