Aurora Design - Sanavi organic-flavored sparkling spring water

"100% All-Natural Inc. came to Aurora Design as they renamed their line of sparkling spring waters Sanavi. We strove to position Sanavi as a flavorful alternative to sugary and diet soft drinks and plain bottled water.

This premium, healthy drink features natural organic fruit flavors in true sparkling spring water. The label and bottle needed to mirror the high quality of the product. Originally intending to remain with their textured blue splash-style bottles, together we moved towards clear clean bottles that showcase the pristine nature of the water."

"The new labels feature clear, crisp fruit images overlaid with a signature organic leaf. Combined with distinctive typography the new labels are crisp and smart and position Sanavi as a pure, healthy, premium drink.

A success out of the gate. Sanavi has flown off of store shelves and 100% All-Natural has been able to expand their reach into new markets."

Designed by Aurora Design