Bardo Industries - Yuppy Cakes

"Yuppy Cakes is a Buenos Aires-based bakery that specializes in the manufacture of cupcakes, with a painstaking distinct blend of traditional and local flavors. 
Yuppy Cakes was in the need of having an brand identity that would make them truly stand out from their competitors. 

Our approach to solve the challenge was to create a vintage-yet-actual identity appealing both to millenians and to the general public. 

Combining the strong traditional flavor of 1950's America with a hint of classic Argentinean sign painting, and garnished with an autumnal hipster palette, we baked a cohesive branding identity that appeals to all generations — from baby boomers to millennials. 
The result? A 'foreign' product artisanally shaped into warmly local, and a brand new business that conveys the trustworthy feel of a long-established brand."