Jan Gallego - AYRES DE BLENDS premium tea

"AYRES DE BLENDS, packaging for a premium tea brand

The challenge was to create a premium brand and a complete line of packaging  for Ayres de Blends, a company of artisan tea, with the budget of a small business that is just opening. 

I understood the essence of Ayres de Blends like their teas: a classical and Baroque luxury. I was inspired by prints from the 19th century, by the classic Baroque oval, a classic and elegant font, etc.  Placing all of the emphasis on an expressive long-lasting graphic design allowed me to create a system of packaging and an online store that portrays luxury, and it was affordable to produce."

"The following challenge was to create a packaging system. It had to fit 16 blends (mixes she made herself, like a good sommelier of tea) and 18 pure teas, in various sizes, and also had to fit her production budget."

"The solution was to create a common airtight bag for all of the flavors that would be personalized with different adhesive labels for each flavour."

"The bags were printed with just one ink: black. The silver effect would be obtained the opposite way of the stationery, leaving it without printing the design so that the silver polyester that forms part of the bag could be seen. Economic yet luxurious."

"The last great packaging challenge was the tasting kits. These kits have to accommodate very different elements like a fragile thermometer of 20 centimeters, a metal filter, a timer, a parchment of instructions, and small paper bags with samples of 10 grams. 

We achieved the ideal size to allocate all of the elements in a perfectly die cut foam and designed a type of "book" with a loop string closure."

Designed by Jan Gallego. Project page on Behance