Boxer & Co. - YUMMIA

"The brainchild of awarded young entrepreneur, Mia McCarthy. This ready-to-eat, fresh food brand required an impactful refresh to prepare it for nationwide distribution. Boxer & Co. has designed a ready-to-eat bircher muesli for Mia and, more recently an innovative fruit and veggie yoghurt. The ideas are unique, charming and full of life & flavour. And so, we decided, should be the brand."

"For the yoghurt, the concept was a play on the layering of the product inside, (veggie purée on the bottom, yoghurt on top) and the idea of digging up your veggies fresh from the garden. For the Bircher muesli, rather than using perfect shots of product in bowls; splats of fruit, yogurt and oats were used to create appetite appeal and articulate a product truth - that there’s a delicious mess of goodness inside each pot!"

"My Experience with Boxer & Co. has been nothing short of a dream. Mia McCarthy, Founder of Yummia"

Designed by Boxer & Co.