RSWE International - Kubik Ice

"Presented at the French Pavilion at the Taipei World Design Expo in 2011, Kubik Ice ®™ is a perfect demonstration of innovation, creation and technical know-how.

This original cubic wavy shape with a specific indented base required a special development so that the final result meets the design imagined by Jocelyn Pedrono. Even the bottle's shoulders were corrected exactly to the degree asked.

This project was born from a simple question : "Why do all the bottles look alike ? Why not imagine a new and different shape - like a cube ? And why not be able to stack these cubes together ?"

"Today, Kubik Ice®™ design patent and trademark are registered in more than 35 countries around the world. 
To be in accordance with this unique packaging, four subtle recipes were developed : Vodka, fine bubbles, ginseng, guarana, ginger and natural flavors are then assembled to give the consumer a unique experience of tasting.

You can discover the four original aromas : green apple, banana-raspberry, citrus and wildberry ... And let loose your imagination in assembling these "kubik" glass bottles to the infinity !"