Evgeny Razzhivin - Staropramen Sladkova Limonada

"Cocoon Group helped Staropramen extend their brand and their positioning as the most innovative beer brand on the market by providing design and strategic branding services for the launch of Sladkova Limonada. Staropramen Sladkova Limonada is the first malt-lemonade, 100% all natural and 100% alcohol free, on the Czech market and it was necessary to differentiate both from beer products as well as soft drinks.

It was essentially the development of a completely new category with its own visual language and design cues!

Working with provided target demographics and product specifications, agency helped to define the brand concept and position of Sladkova within the Staropramen portfolio. The design team came up with a final design concept that strikes a balance between the language of brewing and that of other non-alcoholic soft drinks. It really reflects the uniquely crafted naturalness of this delicious, refreshing product."