Andrea Mangone - URBAN OASIS

"By 2050, 6 billion people worldwide will be living in urbanised areas.

Urbanoasis wants to reconnect people with nature in the urban environment by making growing vegetables on your balcony a fun,  educative and engaging experience."

"The package includes a pot, dried soil+fertiliser, gardening tools, seeds and a watering can. The pot, with its modern and minimal look, was designed to fit perfectly both on a balcony or indoor."

"LEARN WHILE HAVING FUN. Urbanoasis is fun and it promotes a positive message. The product is an example of eco-sustainability using materials such as bamboo and rice hull fibres composite, cork agglomerate, recycled cardboard and natural wood."

"GARDENING TOOLBOX. The iconic toolbox-like tray is made of recycled cardboard and contains all the tools in an ordinate way. The double colour divides the tools necessary for initially setting up the pot and the ones useful on the long term for maintenance."

"THE PACKAGING IS THE MANUAL. The user experience was designed as a journey, where the packaging and the manual merge seamlessly and each tool is accompanied by the relevant instructions. Consecutive numbers indicate the user all the steps he has to perform from the moment he receives the kit to the harvesting."

"A TASTY COLLECTION. With urban farming kit you can grow a wide selection of vegetables and herbs. Due to its attractive look, emotional user experience and environmentally friendly design, it could make for a perfect gift, or even target educational institutions."

Designed by Andrea Mangone