Devours Bacon - Got One!! Wild Mullet Catch (Student Project)

"The wild mullet fish are named for their black backsides as the Taiwanese word “wu” carries the meaning of “black”. During the winter when it is the annual season for wild mullet roe, coastal fishing villages are covered with the golden light of mullet roe that have been laid out to dry. That is why mullet roe is also known as the black gold of the sea. It’s mean the economic status it has to the mullet industry of Taiwan and China."


"The shape of the hand carried gift bag is like a metal creel, metal creel is the temporarily container after fishing. responding to the product Wild Mullet Catch. You can experience the fun from catching the mullet fish into the creel and take it home for taking out the mullet roe.It’s packed with three mullet roe is great for a gift choice."

"We established a brand named seafood monster dedicated to seafood retail. The Got One!! Wild Mullet Catch is one of the products at seafood monster."

"The net and paper box can be reused; the net can be used to carry fruits or seafood at markets and the paper box can be used as a container for tissue. The bottom of the box is designed with measurement lines to facilitate the slicing of mullet roe after grilling. The chef can freely cut slices of various dimensions."

Designed by Devours Bacon