Aaron Pollock Design - Left Field

"Left Field is the birthplace of the unexpected, the weird and wonderful. 
New Zealand’s freestyle approach to exploration, creativity and imagination is embodied in Left Field Wines, a brand that challenges the orthodoxy of winemaking, regional styles and convention. We communicate this with stories and folk law, creating deeper meaning behind the name. Taking our audience on a journey, to escape into the Left Field."

"Left Field is part of the Te Awa Collection, a trio of entities fashioned by the able and experienced winemaking team of Richard Painter and Ant Mackenzie, its pulse emanating from the heart of Hawkes Bay’s globally regarded Gimblett Gravels. The winemakers literally went to the left side of the vineyard in their search for inspiration, and while these are not edgy explorations of obscure varietals, they are nonetheless finely executed expressions made by expert winemakers, approachable, consumer-oriented and much more than a mere branding exercise. Painter and Mackenzie source their fruit from selected premium regional vineyards to craft wines that are sophisticated without being stand-offish."

Designed by Aaron Pollock Design and Illustrated by Steven Noble

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